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Built for Backroads is a free, online marketplace dedicated to manual transmission cars and driving enthusiasts. No fee to list, buy, or sell a car.

01. Submit your car details, photos, and VIN.
02. We accept the manual cars that fit.
03. We write the listing and touch up your photos.
04. Listing goes live on our website and is shared on Instagram.
05. You are contacted by buyers with questions and offers.
06. You make a deal with the buyer and transfer the title.

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Built for Backroads is for people like us—drivers obsessed with morning canyon runs and late night urban blasts. 

  • 40,000 people visit the website every month
  • 16,000 engaged Instagram followers
  • 96% of cars listed are 3-pedal manuals
  • 3,500+ cars listed, all with private sellers

Curated Marketplace
We vet and spotlight the best driver-focused cars for sale, keeping your car in good company.

Quick Process
We aim to get listings live on our site within two days. We prepare your listing with the right details that buyers are looking for. 

Seller Contact
Buyers contact sellers directly through transparent contact info – no buyer login or fees required.

Street Cars
· Clean title
· 3-pedal manual
· Typically under 150k miles

Track Cars
· Clean, rebuilt, or salvage title
· 3-pedal manual
· Typically have a roll bar or cage
· See track car examples

Acura: Integra, NSX, RSX
Audi: RS3, RS4, RS5, S3, S4, S5, R8, TT
BMW: 1M, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, Z3, Z4, 1-Series, 2-Series, 3-Series, 4-Series, 5-Series, 6-Series
Cadillac: ATS-V, CTS-V 
Chevrolet: Camaro, Corvette
Dodge: Challenger, Charger, Neon SRT-4, Viper
Ford: Fiesta, Focus, Mustang
Honda: Civic, Prelude, S2000
Lexus: IS300, IS300, F-series, SC300, SC400
Lotus: Elise, Exige
Mazda: MX-5 Miata, RX-7, Speed 3, Speed 6
Mini: Cooper, Cooper S
Mitsubishi: Evo
Nissan: 240SX, 300ZX, 350Z, 370Z, Silvia, Skyline GT-R
Porsche: 911, 944, Boxster, Cayman
Subaru: BRZ, Forester, STi, WRX
Toyota: Celica, FR-S, MR2, Supra
VW: GLI, Golf R, GTI, R32

→ Don’t see your driver-focused car on the list? Submit it and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.

No buyer or seller fees, period. It’s free to list your car as a seller or purchase as a buyer.

We just want to grow this vagabond of car fans and see more of you on the backroads. And when we do, a quick thumbs-up is all the payment we need. Peace signs are also accepted.

Why do we do this? Read our story or check out BimmerLife

We accept
Cars being sold from private sellers and occasionally consignment.

Private Sellers: The seller is the car owner and directly transacts with the buyer. We aim to connect real people who are a part of the car community.

Consignment: Similar to a private seller but an individual represents the seller and handles all the photography, listing details, and vetting of serious buyers. The final transaction is usually with the owner.

We don’t accept
Dealers: We do not accept any cars being sold by a dealer where the final transaction is between the buyer and a business such as your local Subaru dealer or ‘Tom’s Imports’.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, everyone wants a fair price.

Set your price:
Pricing well from the start is the best way to ensure your listing sells quickly. New listings get the most attention because they are at the top of our website and Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Search through our sold listings feed and see what kind of shape, mileage, maintenance, and mods are done to similar cars. This will give you a guideline on what pricing has attracted other buyers.

Price dropping:
If you’ve noticed low interest in your car after listing, it’s likely your car is priced too high. Consider dropping your listing price to gain the attention of more interested buyers. You can send pricing updates to support@builtforbackroads.com. Please include the link to your listing in the email.

Including the right photos in your listing will give buyers confidence and get your car the attention it deserves. Listings should include 20-42 photos.

As a reminder, please:
· Take horizontal (landscape) photos, ideally with a 3:2 aspect ratio.
· Don’t crop the photo. The car should only take up 75% of the photo.
· Use good lighting and an uncluttered background without other cars or people.
· Upload high resolution images.

Download the Built for Backroads Photo Guide

Editing your listing:
If you need to make changes to the price, description, or photos, just reach out to support@builtforbackroads.com and we’ll quickly update your listing.

Notifying us that your car has sold:
Once your car has sold, just send us an email directly at support@builtforbackroads.com with the listing link. We’ll mark it accordingly on our website. 

Removing your car:
We aim to provide sellers with the best possible experience when listing on Built for Backroads. If you want us to remove your listing, just let us know at support@builtforbackroads.com

Everyone wants a fair price, so expect some haggling. Buyers reach out to sellers directly and can make offers via an email or a phone call. 

If a buyer asks you for specific details or additional pictures, it’s likely that other buyers have the same question – feel free to send the info to us as well so we can update your listing for all potential buyers.

All payment, title, and ownership transfer are handled between the buyer and seller. Payment typically takes place at the seller’s bank with a cashier’s check from the buyer’s bank. Once the check clears, the title is signed over or transferred to the new owner according to state laws.

Once the sale has been completed, make sure to contact us at support@builtforbackroads.com to let us know so we can mark the car as sold on our site (so other buyers don’t contact you).