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With over 3,500 cars listed, here is what the car community is saying…

“I often find myself just browsing through their listings and daydreaming of more garage space.These guys seem to truly enjoy their work, all while doing the car enthusiast community a solid. If you’re in the market for a needle, I highly suggest you check out the Built for Backroads haystack.”
– Mike Bevels⁠, BimmerLife Editor

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“The Porsche 993 is Texas bound, wire sent this a.m! Thanks @builtforbackroads, I would have never seen the Porsche for sale otherwise. My 997.1 was totaled recently (no fault of mine) and this makes a dream replacement.”
– Jeremy R., Porsche 993

“Built for backroads is fantastic. I submitted my car on their site… The same day they reached out to gather further information. 6 days later my car sold, from a buyer who found it on their Instagram page. Thank you guys!!”
– Adrian, M3

“Goodbye Golf R thanks to @builtforbackroads for finding a buyer. He drove 15 hours to get it and couldn’t be happier.”
– Nick S., Golf R

“Wanted to thank you for listing my ’05 STI. I could see the armchair warriors already flaming me for the price l’m asking. I totally get it and understand. Funny if they go into my IG you can see how well I’ve taken care of the car over the course of my account. I really think what you guys are doing is really cool. I hope it continues to be successful and helps out a lot of people. Take care!”
– Noah, STi

“Had a great experience with the team at BFB! Everything from getting car details sorted, to arranging photos, and even getting prices sorted so the listing could go up in a timely manner. Keep up the good work BFB”
– Elliot, Golf R

“Originally the integra seller got cold feet but we kept in touch. One month later I flew out to check out the type-r. Super nice seller and we became friends fast. Got the car that day and drove it home the next day to Oklahoma. Special thanks to @builtforbackroads. Without their help and passion for cars I wouldn’t be owning a dream and peace of Honda history. Thank you, thank you!”
– Cody O., Integra Type R

“I found my buddy an E46 M3 through your site. Keep up the good work.”
– Marcus, E90 M3

“You guys curate a nice list of cars. I’ve been lusting after a few of your picks. Thanks for including my car – it’s a nice place to be shown. A nice group of cars.”
Kelly M.

“Brotha appreciate y’all. A couple months ago I found my dad a clean 335is on your guys’s website. No sunroof, no navigation it’s a beauty. Appreciate everything u guys do. I wouldn’t of found it without y’all, keep doing your thing brotha.”
Nick O.

“Hey man! Mitsubishi Evo is SOLD. Thanks again for listing it. Love the site.”
– Jim D., Evo I

“There’s nothing I love more than cars. Any type, they all have reasons to be enjoyable. However I really appreciate the emphasis on manual transmission cars on the site. I find myself visiting it almost every day and following the instagram account. I look forward to watching your idea grow and fyi a clean wrx sti hatch sounds like a nice purchase in the future.”
– Chris, M3

“@builtforbackroads I ended up buying a car cause of you guys… 2002 911 Carrera C4S. Thanks for posting super clean rides. Helps a lot.”
– Vu N., Porsche 911

“I’m honored to be on your site, love what you guys are doing in the bimmer & enthusiast world. Also wishing you guys all the best in everything you do! Just awesome! Will definitely share your site info with other enthusiasts!”
– Steve, E30 325is

“Ciao guys, my Miata sold. Thanks for the help.”
– Philip, NA MX-5

“Guys. I owe you a huge thank you and a hug the next time we see each other! Through your posting of my Dakar e36, not only did I find a good new home for the car, I’m getting one of my dream cars! A gentleman who saw your post reached out and we worked out a trade. 93 Ford Escort RS Cosworth left hand drive slicktop!”
– Rob, Escort RS

“I just sold the RX-7 over the weekend. thanks for listing it.”
– Jacob, RX-7

“Bought an R32 few months back because of you guys. The Silver VW R32 in Texas. So thank you.”
– Joshua V., VW R32

“Thanks! I usually see your posts float on by but your last one said Naples up top and I’m like wait a second that’s actually close to me for once. Messaged him on Sunday and was able to see the car on Monday afternoon. It was still $22,500 and he wouldn’t budge and I can’t blame him because low mile examples are way more. He was a really nice guy and easy to talk to. I told him I wanted it after he drove me in it (he went hard on it too). He took it off Craigslist this morning and I rushed over today after work to complete the transaction. The only thing I found was in the carfax in 2003 there was damage reported to a rear quarter panel. It didn’t go into the usual depth or show a diagram of the car and accident so I’m assuming it was minor. He is the 4th owner of it.”
– David H., AP1 S2000

“I wanted to let you guys know that my STi sold, thanks to your site. Thank you for all that you do! I sincerely appreciate it, and I’ve already told all my friends about how great your site is.”
– Austin L., Stinkeye STi

“Dude, that website has a ton of killer cars!! I subscribed…I can’t remember the last time I did that anywhere.”
– Ben D.

“I got that silver M3. Nice find! Heading to pick it up tomorrow in Tahoe.”
– Kyle B., E46 M3

“I saw your website on instagram and I was cautious of this being another scam but I would genuinely like to thank you, whoever runs or monitors this website, for creating something that I wish existed for a long time. Thank you for the generosity of the service you provide.”
– Christopher J.

“Just wanted to shoot y’all a message and say I’m stoked to have found you guys. You’re doing a phenomenal job finding deals. I love the purity and enthusiast mindset of your website, so keep it up! Gonna be utilizing you guys a lot in the coming months.”
– Rob K., Evo

“I checked out built for backroads site. I am hooked now. They showcase some of the best driver cars out there for sale. It’s a pretty cool website.”
– Garrett T., STi

“Almost bought R1 FD…… just want something 100% perfect and know there’s some salt roads involved. Owner is incredibly nice and honest and trustworthy… Well, i got it! Now I’m sealing the deal regarding shipping or pickup!!! Also thank you for your site. For the scouring you guys do, my husband and i are both avid fans!!”
– Leigh P., RX-7

“yooo! i’d actually been in the market for an e46 about 5 months – talked to a bunch of sellers through your site.”
– Ravi, E46 M3

“I have really enjoyed scrolling through the cars for sale. Your write-ups are well written and the website in general looks very fresh, modern, and slick! I will be referring to your website to look for my next toy now that the M3 is sold.”
– Jeremy I., E90 M3 

“Hey man I appreciate you posting my car up. I got it sold from someone off your IG.”
– Kareem, Blobeye STi

“Yo just wanted to say I love your site and what you guys do. I love the minimalist styling and information that is important for backroad drivers. I love browsing your site and Instagram and hopefully will buy one of the cars one day.”
Alex C.

“I received your message & truly appreciate the extra effort for the listing that you posted. I’m not the social media guy. I don’t have an Instagram or Twitter account. I’m usually focused on family and work. This car was built for my son. He is 6 years old and had a small 1:64 scale die cast Supra MKV that he always played with. It was silver with the black body parts. I wanted to turn it into a reality for him and because of that, I usually drive it with him next to me. That’s why this car has never been raced or tracked other than the NASA COTA Event. The Supra MKV is child-safe & has the latch for child car seats behind the passenger seat. These days, he’s playing with another car in his hand. It’s a Porsche 911 Turbo…my next project. Thank you for your valuable time and kind concern. Have a wonderful day!”
– Shez H., Supra

“Hey guys, 2 things. 1) just put a deposit on this car! which i originally saw on your site! he never sold it, just decided not to sell, but then re listed. 2) Thanks for helping the car community grow.”
– Steven, E36 M3

“I recently posted my 2002 Porsche 996 Turbo on Craigslist and received an e-mail from you letting me know that you featured my car on your website Built for Backroads. I truly don’t have the words and just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing that. I followed you guys on Instagram also.”
– Victor M., 996 Turbo

“Found my Cayman on BFB and still look at the feed everyday, would love to sport some stickers!”
– Kevin A., Cayman S

“Love the stickers. I will put them on the car you guys posted that I bought.”
– Cody S., E36 M3 

“You guys hands down provide the best list of cars for sale that are right up my alley. My miata is quite literally “built for backroads” so it’ll fit nicely. Thanks and good luck as you build this platform!”
– Matt L., NA MX-5

“Thanks a bunch! I’ve actually had three serious inquires over the last day or two. Two of the guys are fighting it at the moment. I would find it hard to believe there is a better example out there. I have loved it since the day I bought it. Painful as hell to sell. Thanks again.”
– Darren, E90 M3e

“Big shoutout to the guys at @builtforbackroads helping sell the subie.”
– Emerson, Blobeye STi

“Hello! My NSX sold. I just had someone reach out to me about it! Just want to let you all know!”
– Kalvin, NSX

“Thank you for listing my car and for the exposure. I am not on social media other than to search for cars and enjoy your site. Thanks again and for keeping cool manual cars alive. Cheers”
– Lee, 1M

“I uploaded new photos per your photo guide. Listing looks excellent! Fyi I learned about your site from the recent Bimmerlife article. I really appreciate what you guys do for the car community!”
– Michael C., G80 M3

“@builtforbackroads is legit! If you’re looking to sell your cool enthusiast car hit them up! Legit people too! Just sold my 1998 M3. Buyer found it through their site.”
– Paul, E36 M3

“Just grabbed a S2000 you guys listed. Thanks for the help finding a good one.”
– Evan M., S2000

“I have to give you credit on the wide scope and quality of the cars featured. It’s honestly the best l’ve seen.”

“Yes. My miata track car sold. Went to the perfect buyer. Thanks for your help, your site is awesome. Thought you would want to see another happy customer.”
– Dino W., MX-5 Track Car

“Love your website! Found my porsche 997 turbo through you guys.”
– Colter, 997 Turbo

“Sold the M3. Just finalized the details today. I think the buyer said he saw it on Instagram under “M3’s for Sale” and linked to your website from there. Another potential buyer also said that’s how they also linked to your site. Just thought you might want to know that bit of info. Thanks so much for your hard work and service. Let me know how I can help you out.”
– Steve H., E36 M3

“Hey there! White NSX locked down! Just sent her a deposit. My friend checked it out for me. He lived 10min down the street from her. My friend said it was VERY clean. Thx”
– Zeek, NSX

“Got the M3! Definitely a heavier, more powerful car – almost feels like a German muscle car. Love it though. Excited to get more miles and some track seat time.”
– Donald W., E92 M3

“I ended up getting the mineral white one. Thanks again for all the advice and countless messages explaining what to look for in a E92 M3.”
– Cal, E92 M3

“I think you should know. The real calls I got on my track car were from your site.”
– Kelly, Boxster Track Car

“Of course, we only drive manuals in this family. Also thanks for being awesome and building a good community for enthusiasts to sell their cars to people who will care for them like we do.”
– Alex, Civic Type R

“Such a nice rare Lotus Elise in amazing shape too. Super cool site you guys have. You listed my 2010 Evora awhile back and my son found his supercharged ’96 Miata there. Keep up the good work and thanks!”
– John M., Evora

“The guy who bought that GT3 track car I wanted has told me that he wants to sell it. He’s giving me first dibs. Can you lower my Porsche to $58k… My car just sold! Thanks for all the help from you guys.”
– John H., 996 Turbo

“Just want to say that I love your page, thanks for the hard work in sourcing these hard to find manual transmission enthusiast cars. Love private party purchasing, so much better than dealers!”
Jeremy H.

“I already put one of the stickers on the NSX – it looks perfect there. I’ve been telling everyone I know about your site and IG, hoping to tell as many people about the great community you are building. Thanks again for everything. A buyer picked up my Miata track car last weekend, so it looks like I’m all set now! Thanks again.”
– Nick, MX-5 Track Car

Firstly, what you guys do for the car enthusiast community is nothing short of amazing, and I am a huge fan of the types of cars that you typically post. I appreciate the kind words about my car and I agree – it is definitely a fun little car. As of late, I find myself simply wanting to get a regular car and focus on life before hopping back into something else (possibly Lotus Elise, another Honda S2000, or similar). I very much appreciate you listing it on the site!
– Kevin, Honda Fit Track Car

I’m not sure if you remember but you came down to a meet in in San Diego and we chatted. I just wanted to let you know, l’m the one that bought this M3! It’s on its way to SD. Hope you’re both doing great. Come down for a cars and coffee sometime.
– Ryan, E46 M3

I f*cking love this site, best motivation I’ve ever had great deals on amazing cars. Thanks for keeping it going.
– Pharoah

Thanks for much for your marketplace. I really appreciate listing my car there and have been recommending it to my track racing friends.
– Gonzalo, M3 Track Car

GT3 just got dropped! Just touching base and letting you know how much i apprecaite you guys and look forward to your posts every week.
– Leigh, 996 GT3

Just wanted to let you know the car sold, thanks to your site! An individual from Hawaii actually found it on your website and put a deposit down on it back on August 5th. He picked it up today and is taking it racing stateside (what a fun trip ha). Thank you guys again, I sport your stickers on my cars with pride!
– Brooke, E36 M3

Thank you so much, Paul! I appreciate what you guys do for the enthusiast car community. Been a long time viewer on your guys’ site and really incredible what you’ve accomplished.
– Josh T.

I’ve been following your site for a while now, it’s all the perfect drivers cars! And it’s beautifully designed.
I’m not 100% sure where I found you, but just listed my car with you guys. Sold a few days later and the new owner was a good guy.
– Hamza F.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to listing my car. My friend, Colby Hurd, (who currently has a GT4 listed on your site) recommended I look into sharing my car with you. Love the site, the community, and the curation! Keep it up!
– Riley A.

Thank you so much. I learned about your website from my son who is even more of a car enthusiast than I am. He loves the E46 M3s and he originally discovered your website. My son is going to be super excited that it got my M3 accepted and listed.
– Rich S., E46 M3

Really appreciate you listing my car and the guidance on the right info to display and pricing.
– Roman, Porsche 911

Love what your guys are doing with the website and hope to find my next 911 there. Keep up the awesome work and let me know if you ever need any help around the Houston area.
– Justin N.

Good afternoon. The Elise is SOLD. I thank you all for your help getting it listed and shared.
– Dan, Lotus Elise

Thank you so much for getting my car listed so quickly. The write up is perfect and the car looks great on there. Hopefully someone buys it quickly. I’ll reach out as soon as it’s sold.
– Chris M., Lotus Exige

Amazing, thanks so much for the fast and easy process!
– Evan F., NSX

Uhh it took 3 days for the BMW to sell. I honestly found it very simple and easy to list with you guys. Great group that are detailed oriented and understand the market. Would use again in a heartbeat to sell an enthusiast car.
– TJ, E92 M3

The car sold today, after a week. Thank you so much for all your help.
– Chris C., E36 M3 Track Car

A year ago Built for Backroads helped me track down one of my many dream cars (white NSX). Thank you Kyle and Paul!! y’all are doing great work.
– Zeemy, NSX

My track FR-S did sell, yes. For $15600. Thanks for your help and speed of creating the listing.
-Gon S., FR-S

Just wanted to send you a quick DM because l’ve been seeing all your review stories. I absolutely love the quality of cars that are on your site. I’m going to be looking at getting a BMW M240i soon and Built for Backroads 100% will be where I go to look.
– Lee M.

Your new photoguide is just excellent. So many people need to see this lol. Good stuff.

Thanks Paul, will be sad to see the Miata go but also have an air-cooled 911 and an S54 Clown Shoe as well…..I really need to cut back. Thanks for letting me list the Miata on BFB and found out about you guys through KingMezgers podcast.
– Blair, NA Miata

Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the stickers! Since I live in Switzerland I was not sure whether you guys would even react to my request. Today I checked my mailbox and was very surprised to say the least, this really made my day, thank you very much. I will happily put it on my cars, Miata NC and EK Civic, now you’re represented in europe, too.. hehe. C
– Sabasian

Thanks for bumping up my listing. A few dats after the M3 sold! Car is sold! Appreciate all you do.
– Michael I, E90 M3

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