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2003 BMW M3

Listed for $26,500Sold
2003 BMW M3
2003 BMW M3
2003 BMW M3
2003 BMW M3
2003 BMW M3
2003 BMW M3

With the rod bearings, subframe reinforcement, and VANOS all addressed, this LCI E46 M3 appears to be well sorted and ready to hit the canyons. It is suspended by adjustable coilovers and is riding on lightweight forged wheels to reduce unsprung mass and improve handling to help it keep pace with modern rivals.

The Build

  • TC Kline Double Adjustable Coilovers
  • Autosolutions Short Shift Kit
  • Subframe Reinforcement
  • Beisan Systems VANOS Kit
  • Seibon CSL Trunk
  • Replica CSL Rear Diffuser
  • 18" Forged Titan T7 T-R10 Wheels
  • 125,000
  • Clean
  • 3.2L Inline-6
  • 6-Speed Manual
  • Alpine White
  • Imola Red
  • WBSBL93473JR23599
  • Irvine, CA
SoldListed for $26,500
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